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November, 2005

Al Noor Chicks Celebrated 5th Anniversary of Distributorship in Pakistan

Al-Noor Chicks (Pvt) celebrated in 2005 its 5th anniversary of distributing Starbro parent stock in Pakistan. Mr. Niaz Rasool, owner of Al Noor Chicks, together with Dr. Nowsherwan, Dr. Saif ur-Rehman, and Dr. Zargham Khan were thanked by Hubbard for their major efforts to make Starbro a success in Pakistan. Olivier Behaghel of Hubbard presented Mr. Niaz a plaque and wished his grand parent project many more years of success.

During this occasion it was also announced that Al Noor Chicks has obtained the distribution rights of the Hubbard FF for the Pakistani market. Both Al Noor and Hubbard are excited about this new development assuring that Al Noor can supply their customers with the best genetics suited for their market.

From left to right: Mr Olivier Behaghel (Bussiness Director Hubbard), Dr Nowsherwan Khan (Production manager), Dr Saif ur Rehman (Marketing Manager), Dr Zargham Khan (consulant to Al Noor) and Ch. Niaz Rasool (owner of Al Noor)

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Hubbard operates their selection programs and own production sites in North America & Europe and has a longstanding experience in breeding, developing and marketing breeding stock for both the conventional and the alternative markets.

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