Press Releases

April, 2005

Hubbard and CFI Holdings Enter into a Strategic Agreement

France, Zimbabwe - Hubbard and CFI Holdings are very pleased to announce that recently they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Hubbard Flex in Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries Botswana, Malawi and Zambia. Besides they will also focus to grow their business in some other countries across the African continent.

During 2004 CFI’s poultry experts visited Hubbard’s operations in a number of countries to see their state-of-the-art research and breeding facilities and technologies. They were also excited by the characteristics of the Hubbard Flex. These include flexibility for different needs and circumstances, with excellent liveability and uniformity, ease of management, good feed conversion, health, meat yields and reproduction.

The first consignment of Hubbard Flex grandparent stock arrived in Zimbabwe early January 2005 in very good condition. End of February Hubbard and CFI Holdings organised a first seminar for their domestic and international customer. This appeared to be very successful with a very good attendance of 200 poultry experts coming from Zimbabwe, but also from Uganda, Kenya, DR Congo and Malawi. The newly formed company Hubbard Zimbabwe, part of the Poultry Division of CFI Holdings, was officially launched just after the seminar in presence of many customers and the ambassadors of Malawi and France.

Steve Kuipa, CFI Holdings CEO, and Tizai Faranisi, CFI Poultry Division head, said: "we are very excited to become part of the Hubbard family to help our business grow in Zimbabwe and abroad”. Paul van Boekholt of Hubbard stated: “this agreement is the first step of Hubbard back into Southern Africa, we are very confident that the Hubbard Flex will succeed in this region. Hubbard is already market leader in Northern Africa and we want to achieve the same in this area".