HUBBARD F15: Lowest Live Costs & Total Meat


The Hubbard F15 Package is undoubtedly the product is primarily characterised by the gains it offers in terms of feed and breeder density.


The most striking feature of the Hubbard F15 Breeder is its size, genetically selected to obtain a standard-sized broiler from a dwarf breeder. When permitted the Hubbard F15 Female can be housed at a density 20 to 25% higher per m² than a standard breeder. The feed savings per hen come to an average of 8 kg/hen or 371 g/chick at 64 weeks, giving this product a highly significant economic benefit.


Combined with the genetic white or yellow Hubbard males, the Hubbard F15 female enables production of a chicken offering the flexibility required by the modern poultry industry in terms of live cost and overall meat yield, across all ranges with a live weight of 1.5 to 2.8 kg. Like its parents, the Hubbard F15 Broiler has one of the very best FCR's. Finally, its strengths also include carcass quality and liveability.