HUBBARD EFFICIENCY PLUS: The New Standard for Efficiency!


WEB_WIDGET_PS-Efficiency-Plus_Left PNGThe latest R&D techniques have been used to improve the level of breeder and broiler performance in the field to meet customers’ expectations.


The Hubbard Efficiency Plus represents a perfect blend of advanced breeder and broiler performance. Customers will benefit from high egg and chick numbers, robust broiler growth rate with good health, and a high output of good quality saleable meat. Additionally, excellent feed efficiency results in economic advantages for producers and sustainability for the environment.


The Hubbard Efficiency Plus female brings together the traits the industry is looking for in a single multi-purpose bird, with performance and economic efficiencies at all levels of production.


EN_PS_Table Efficiency Plus

EN_BR_Table Efficiency Plus




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The Hubbard Conventional Males have been selected to offer the best meat yield at the lowest live cost. Their qualities, in terms of viability and reproductive persistence, provide a significant economic benefit. They are characterised by strong growth, very good feed conversion ratio, excellent viability, and good meat yield at...