Hubbard Intermediate Growth Males


In recent years, the creation of Quality Standards such as "European Certification", Beter Leven (NL), Free Range, and the willingness of companies to invest in "strong brands" subject to demanding specifications, has inspired Hubbard to develop "Intermediate Growth" products.

These are able to satisfy the requirements of professionals seeking marketable live weights of 1,400 to 3,000 g at a minimum age of 40 to 70 days, while also meeting their quality targets.




Specific Labels & Markets



Associated products

Non recessive products

This range features 3 females with the following characteristics: JA 57: possesses the greatest PS productivity, with more than 229 H.E. at 68 weeks. The hen and broilers are exceptional in their  rusticity JA 57 K: offers the same PS productivity and rusticity, with offspring broilers being feather sexable, JA 87 : promotes broiler growth, and offers a superior breast yield.   Female JA 57 and...

Recessive products

The recessive range allows broilers bred from these breeders to possess the male's phenotype. Offering a wide range of coloured males, Hubbard will most certainly be able to meet your needs. This range features 3 females with the following characteristics: JA 57 Ki: boasts the best PS productivity, with more than 227 H.E. at 68 weeks, and allows broilers to be feather sexed. Both the breeder female and the broilers are...