Hubbard M22 : New Yield Male

Early 2017, several years after the implementing of highly innovative technology Hubbard unveiled their response to markets focused on deboned breast meat with the launch of the:

Hubbard M22


Image1As one of the first breeders to adopt the use of CT Scanner technology into their breeding program Hubbard's scientists have, amongst other things, been able to significantly improve the accuracy with which the genetic measure for deboned breast meat yield is measured, which in turn has allowed Hubbard to accelerate the rate of genetic gain for this trait within all of their products.

The Hubbard M22 is a new breeder male in response to markets where the percentage of breast meat is the key factor in the choice of breeders. As a result of customer demand, Hubbard decided to develop a male line allowing customers to improve carcass confirmation for the live/whole bird markets and breast meat yield for the debone markets without losing the positive animal welfare traits the Hubbard products are renowned for.



Image2After several years of internal and field evaluations, Hubbard was able to bring to the market a competitive alternative for markets where the value of breast meat can tip that all important balance in favour of a male line that can bring those precious extra percentages of breast meat into the equation of cost benefits of an integrated business.

With the arrival of the "Hubbard M22", Hubbard's research team have endeavoured to build upon the live cost advantages offered by Hubbard's existing male lines. And at the same time, their will was to bring a male line which can produce between 1.0 % to 1.5 % additional breast meat yield dependent on the slaughter weight.




Hubbard's research team were very conscious during the development of this male not to lose touch with their customers around its development. It was through maintaining regular feedback with the managers using the male that careful attention was paid to selecting males, which, even though they had superior breast yields, were still capable of maintaining both high and persistent fertility levels throughout their reproductive lives.








In keeping with Hubbard's motto of "Your Choice, Our Commitment, the Hubbard M22 male has joined Hubbard's range of Conventional males focused on lowest live cost as Hubbard continues to offer innovative products responding to their customers' needs.