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Yamamoto meets Hubbard Premium producers around the globe

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During the first half of 2016 Mr. Yamamoto, President of the "Japanese Hubbard Redbro Association" which was created 27 years ago in Japan, led a small group of customers into the US and Europe in order to build a global vision of the diversity and of the Hubbard products leadership on the premium market.

Three operators welcomed the delegation: Joyce Farms in the United States, Campoaves in Portugal and Hook2Sisters in the UK. These companies are examples of the recognition of the Hubbard Premium products on the world market, reflecting societal changes including consumer choice focusing on health, "zero antibiotics", taste, animal welfare and robustness. Already for decades these criteria have been developed by Hubbard positioning the company today as clear market leader in this market segment. These visits, an illustration of a true and longstanding partnership between Hubbard and Yamamoto, reinforced the "Japanese Hubbard Redbro Association" in its choice to step up their promotion of the Hubbard Premium products in Japan.


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