Production & Hatchery

Hubbard's global network represents our commitment to consistently delivering healthy, premium-quality breeding stock to our customers around the world.

With pedigree programs in the US and France, supported by Great Grandparent and our own Grandparent operations in Europe and the Americas, Hubbard production facilities are close to key worldwide markets. With the additional Grandparent distributors around the world, customers can be assured they will receive top-quality genetic stock from the most suitable supply location available.


Production Facilities

The Hubbard Great Grandparent and Grandparent production network includes both internal facilities and contract growers, all using the latest broiler breeder technologies. Significant investments in infrastructure designed to ensure the highest standards for biosecurity and animal welfare have been implemented over the years.

Health and BiosecurityCouvoir Oeufs sur tapis

In production, our biosecurity programs are designed to prevent the introduction and spread of disease causing agents, meeting and/or exceeding all the official regulations for the trade of poultry breeding stock, and minimizing disruptions in the supply of breeding stock to our customers. Together with the use of heat treated feed, strict biosecurity protocols are practiced at all our facilities including the minimal movement of people, stock and equipment within the production operations.

From Egg to Chick

Salle aux OeufsHubbard production's commitment is to provide premium healthy and sanitary chicks to the customers. As such, at Hubbard each step of the production chain, from rearing to hatching, is deeply controlled to assure top quality hatching eggs. At the end of the production chain, powered by regular investments in new technologies, and respecting stringent sanitary rules, Hubbard's hatcheries process these top quality hatching eggs to obtain premium quality chicks.