Sanitary rules


Selecting and selling & distributing breeders are the two main core activities for a primary breeder.

Both are under the scope of stringent domestic and international Animal Health Laws and regulations.

Further to the legal scope, primary breeders' customers are expecting their products to be of prime health status, from flocks of origin that exceed the regulatory constraints. Maintaining superior health quality and biosecurity standards has always been one key priority throughout Hubbard's history.




All our operations are under permanent veterinary supervision and subjected to intense health monitoring schedules that go far beyond the local health regulations regardless of their location.

These are managed at global level by Hubbard Veterinary and Quality departments to ensure consistent product health levels in all Hubbard divisions across the world. 



Upclose-of-Gel-Petri-DishHubbard maintains day-to-day collaboration with international recognized research and diagnostic laboratories and veterinary services suppliers.

Hubbard also actively contributes to the evolution of the poultry health regulation and official health programs through partnerships with the veterinary authorities in those countries where Hubbard has its own facilities.