Hubbard Press Release


Jean Lebec appointed as Regional Sales Manager for East and Southern Africa


From January 2024, Jean Lebec will be fully dedicated to Hubbard’s sales and business development in East and Southern Africa.


Jean Lebec initially joined Hubbard in 2015 as International Volunteer based in Kenya. After a 6-month internal training period, he was then given responsibility for the business development in a major part of East Africa.

In October 2018, after three highly successful years in which he had gained a lot of field experience and knowledge about the market and Hubbard products, Jean returned to France to become Sales Manager for France, while maintaining his responsibilities with the customers in East Africa.

With the recent appointment of Nicolas Neyra as the head of business development in France, the opportunity arose for Jean to fully dedicate himself again to the whole East and Southern African market. This includes Mauritius and Madagascar which now have been handed over to Jean by Bruno Besnier, who will retire this year. Jean is very pleased with this new step in his career, which allows him to fully focus on this very dynamic and challenging region. Jean reports to Bruno Briand (Global Sales Director) and will work closely together with Baptiste Nevejans, who is in charge of the customer management support for the Region.

Bruno Briand stated, “We are very pleased that Jean will now be able to fully dedicate himself to the East and Southern African markets, composing with Baptiste Nevejans a young, energetic and efficient team. Their hands-on experience, management expertise and in-depth knowledge of the markets are a real bonus for our customers and for Hubbard’s future development in the region. We wish them a lot of success!”


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