Hubbard Press Release


Hubbard celebrates 100 years commitment to poultry breeding!


 In 1921 Mr Ira Hubbard officially created the Hubbard Farms company in Walpole, New Hampshire, USA. This was the very beginning of what finally became one of the leading primary broiler breeding companies in the world.


From the early start onwards the Hubbard family members quickly built up their reputation and business through smart and hard work, paying respect to their employees and customers, and continuously improving the quality of their chicks. The evolution of markets’ and consumers’ demands engaged Hubbard Farms in keeping on the move despite the several economic and conjunctures we know. They adapted their breeding, keeping their traditional New Hampshire barred feather bird, to diversify and offer a white feather breed to meet a new market segment. In the 50’s Hubbard Farms strengthened its portfolio, offering various breeds to the US operators. Gradually, moving to a fully integrated system allowing for an even better control on the breeding process and product quality, and starting up the sales of Parent Stock and Grandparent stock day-old chicks.


International expansion started in the 1960’s in Europe and then towards the rest of the world. At that time Research & Development became the core business to ensure to keep on moving forward and continuously listening to market trends, customer needs and consumer demands. During the following decades, business has been made with great successes and some setbacks.


The start of the new century highlights a turning point in market trends and consumer demand especially in North America and Europe for higher welfare values, better animal health and meat quality. Through its long experience and large Hubbard Premium portfolio, Hubbard has been able to continue to be the undisputed preferred supplier in this growing market segment.


Since 2018, becoming an independent member of the world leading Aviagen Group, a new era has begun. Substantial additional investments in the Hubbard Premium and Conventional R&D programs in France and the USA, as well as in the production facilities in France, USA, Brazil, and Poland have further strengthened Hubbard’s future.


The Hubbard teams are even more than ever committed to deliver quality chicks with good customer support, meeting or exceeding expectations, should it be with the outstandingly performant Hubbard Efficiency Plus breeder female or with the well-known Hubbard Premium range. Hubbard’s genetic programs remain designed and dedicated to providing efficient, healthy, high-quality and tasty chicken meat for the world's growing population.


The original company values have remained intact: knowledge and passion, commitment and respect to its customers and values. Hubbard has a rich history of longstanding breeding experience, continuous product and process improvements, implementation of state-of-the-art selection tools, managed by dedicated teams duly trained and always committed to deliver high quality products.


Initially Hubbard planned to celebrate this important event with its customers and business partners at industry meetings and trade shows, but due to the still ongoing COVID-19 situation we have unfortunately had to postpone until 2022.


We remain to be at your service and continue breeding for your business!


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