Hubbard Press Release


Frédéric Fagnoul appointed as Director Hubbard R&D


Global - Hubbard is very pleased to announce the appointment of Frédéric Fagnoul as Director of R&D. Frédéric will report directly to Olivier Rochard, General Manager of Hubbard.

Frédéric Fagnoul now heads up the Hubbard R&D team and succeeds Thomas de Bretagne who decided to go back to swine breeding.

Frédéric graduated in 2000 as Agricultural Engineer in Liege, Belgium, with a specialisation in animal genetics.


He first spent one year in Belgian Blue beef cattle breeding, before he joined Hubbard in 2001 as poultry geneticist.

During his 16 years with Hubbard, Frédéric first has been focusing on further developing genetic models for Hubbard's breeding program. Since 2008, he has been in charge of the Hubbard Premium products breeding program including a close practical follow up on pure line hatches and brooding, product testing and redesigning the selection process. More recently the Hubbard R&D department has been implementing new technologies, such as genomics, RFID for a more accurate measurement of FCR, CT scanner, etc.

Frédéric's in-depth knowledge of the Hubbard broiler lines, selection process and (new) genetic tools, together with his proven management skills, assure the continuation and further development of all Hubbard R&D activities now and in the future.


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