Premium Females

Slow Growth, Robustness and Color Differentiation

Hubbard is the uncontested leader in the global market for Premium chickens.

In addition to their possible colour differentiation, these specific products are characterised by its slower growth and very good robustness. Premium chickens have found their rightful place among local traditional breeding practices around the world.

Nowadays it is responding to additional quality guidelines, increased consumer demand for high(er) animal welfare standards and production of poultry sold under strong brand names.

To further strengthen our position as a global leader and to keep those speciality products affordable, Hubbard has intensified its Premium R&D selection program, the Hubbard motto being "To enable as many people as possible to taste the difference".


These females are often used for the more traditional markets. The progeny of the recessive parent females will show the same phenotype as the parent stock male. Offering a wide range of coloured males, Hubbard will most certainly be able to meet your needs. This range features two females with the following characteristics. They are all very prolific chick producers and...