Hubbard Slow Growth Males


Hubbard "Slow Growth" Males provide a genetic response for poultry markets in which the objective is to produce a broiler with a live weight range of 2 Kg to 4 Kg, sold between 56 and 150 days old.

All Hubbard "Slow Growth" crossbreeds can be used, for example, for Label Rouge, capon, Backyard, Organic, certified breeding, live market and thus meet the needs of sectors requiring different and often local quality criteria.


Specific Labels & Markets



Associated products

Hubbard Black products

The black range produces cross-bred broilers with black legs and feathers (both characteristics inherited from the mother).   Female P6N Age at 5% of production 23 Weight at 5% of production (g) 2,000 Peak production (%) 90 Age of peak production (weeks) 29/30 Number of eggs/hen at 64...

Recessive products

The recessive range allows broilers bred from these breeders to possess the male's phenotype. Offering a wide range of coloured males, Hubbard will most certainly be able to meet your needs. This range features 3 females with the following characteristics: JA 57 Ki: boasts the best PS productivity, with more than 227 H.E. at 68 weeks, and allows broilers to be feather sexed. Both the breeder female and the broilers are...